TRUCK & SUV CARGO TRUNK [L] [XL]  $279.99 - $379.99
TRUCK & SUV CARGO TRUNK [L] [XL] $279.99 - $379.99

TRUCK & SUV CARGO TRUNK [L] [XL] $279.99 - $379.99

“Vehicle BackPack’s Cargo Trunks are a “Game Changer” For Any Traveler!” Ideal For Campers, Cabin Owners, Ice Fishermen, Hunters and Traveling Contractors Looking for Extra Storage for Backpacks, Duffel Bags, Chainsaws, Tools and Tie-Downs. Constructed of quality HDTP Polyethylene in an attractive charcoal gray color. Waterproof and lockable with a key. Rugged “cooler style” latches allow easy opening and closing. 2"- 1.25" Increaser is Available. Large 37”L 16” W 13” H Extra Large 42”L 22” W 16” H. Kit Includes H5 Extension with Large or Extra Large Cargo Trunk. Select Size Below.

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