MARINE "CARGO TRUNK"  [L]  [XL] $299.99 - $399.99
MARINE 'CARGO TRUNK' [L] [XL] $299.99 - $399.99

MARINE "CARGO TRUNK" [L] [XL] $299.99 - $399.99

"Stores Boat Covers, Bait Coolers, Fishing Tackle, Ski Gear... even Towables!" Travels Securely Inside the Wheels of Your Trailer! Waterproof and Lockable With Key. “Bolt-On” Receiver. No Drilling!" “Machined-In Wobble Stop” With Lockable Pin Eliminates Movement Inside Receiver. Mounting Hardware Included. Optional Foot Step Available. Kit includes Bolt-On Mount, H5 Extension, Large or Extra Large Cargo Trunk. Select Size Below.

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