We Manufacture "Gear Haulers" For Boat Trailers.  Our Lockable Cargo Trunk [XL] Is The Ideal Location For Storing Boat Covers, Fishing Tackle and Ski Gear!


 Vehicle BackPack's Lockable Cargo Trunk [XL] Is The Perfect Location For Storing Boat Covers!

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"Makes Bait and Beverage Stops a Breeze! “Bolts-On", No Drilling! Ideal For Bait Coolers, Drinking Water, Fuel Containers, Grills and More! Easy On-Off... Adjusts Up or Down, Travels Protected Inside the Wheels of Your Trailer! Exclusive “Wobble Stop” and Pin Anchors “Rack to Receiver”, No Wobble! Pin is Lockable, Gear and Rack Can Be Double-Locked to Trailer With Ordinary Bike Cable. All Mounting Hardware Included. Kit Includes Bolt-On Receiver, and Marine Cooler Rack. A Boat Trailer Step is Available. Choose Option Below.
"Hauls Live-Bait Coolers, Water Containers, Extra Fuel and More!" Travels Safely Inside the Wheels of Your Trailer. Keeps "Spills and Odors Out"! Laser-Cut Steel in An Attractive Textured Finish. Includes “Bolt-On” Receiver, No Drilling! Machined-In “Wobble Stop” and Lockable Pin Eliminate Movement Inside Receiver! Gear and Rack Can Be Double-Locked With Ordinary Bike Cable. Mounting Hardware Included. Kit Includes Bolt-On Receiver, H-5 Extension and Fuel Lock'R. Optional Foot Step Available Below.
"Seems Like There’s Never Enough USB Power in the Right Places!" PowerPlug "Excel" Provides Universal "USB and 12 Volt" Power From Any "Nav-Light Port". Simply Plug-In, Turn On Switch... Powers Aerators, Knives, Phones, Tablets and GoPros. "Powers Engel Bait Coolers, Almost Anywhere!" Order PP-3 [3 Pin] If There's a “Task Light and Button” On Your Bow-Light Post. Order PP-2 [2 Pin] for 95% Of All Others!
"Seems Like There’s Never Enough USB and 12 Volt Power On-Board, Especially When Entertaining Young Adults or Guiding Fishing Clients!” PowerPlug "Excel" Powers Aerators, Electric Knives, Phones, Tablets and GoPros. Universal Post Plugs Into Any Nav-Light Port" Fore or Aft. Provides USB Power and a 12 Volt Cigarette Style Socket. What a Sensible Way For Charging Phones and Accessing Power! Pro-Staff Tip, Try PowerPlug “Excel” in Tandem With "Engel or Any Other" Live-Bait Coolers! Order PP-3 [3 Pin] If Theres a “Task Light and Button” On Your Bow Light. Order PP-2 [2 Pin] for 95% Of All Others!
“Travel Fish Cleaning Station” goes where you go. Folds back for travel. Counter top height, no "stiff necks" from cleaning fish on low tailgates and picnic tables! Board slides out for loading and unloading! Features Vehicle BackPack’s exclusive “Bolt-On Receiver”. No Drilling Necesasry! “Quick Release” for easy cleaning of board and buckets. Textured non-slip NSF surface, drip- channel, plastic bag holders and carry handles and 2 knife slots are standard. Kit Includes JH5 Mount, Bolt-On Receiver and Folding Board. Bucket Lock'R and Angular Mount are sold seperately.
Hauls "Live Bait" Legally and Effortlessly! Effective With an On-Board Aerator. Hauls Bait In One Bucket, Your Catch In The Other! “Bolt-On” Receiver, No Drilling! Slides "In and Out" For Launching Boat! Travels Securely Inside The Wheels of Your Trailer. Mounting Hardware Included. Kit includes Bolt-On Receiver, J2 Mount and Bucket Lock'R.
Our "Mobile Fish Cleaning Station" lets you clean fish at the landing, home or anywhere in between. Beat the mosquitos, get your fish cleaned before you get home! Textured NSF food grade cutting surface reduces slippage. Carry handle, drain channel, 2 integrated bag hooks and knife slots are standard features. Countertop height ensures no more cleaning fish on low picnic tables and tailgates! Waterfowl hunters, game always tastes better when processed soon after harvest! Quick Release for easy cleaning. Features Vehicle BackPack’s exclusive “Bolt-On” Receiver. No Drilling Necessary! Travels securely inside the wheels of your trailer! Slides in-out for launching your boat. Mounting Hardware Included. Kit includes J2 Mount and Fish Game Board.
“Reaching into your boat has never been easier!” Constructed of rugged military grade steel in an attractive powder coated finish. Non-slip textured surface. Adjusts in and out with handy 3/8” Bail Pin. Easy on-off. Available for “Boat Trailer” Cooler Rack, Cargo Trunks, Fuel Lock’R, Bucket Lock’R and Fish Game Board.
Adjustable Heavy Duty Straps Allow Superior Retention of Buckets and Rod Carriers. Prevents Cold Hands, Lets You Keep Your Gloves On! 24” Length, Bolts-On At One End, Hooks To Interval Holes On The Other. Vehicle BackPack Straps Contain Polyurethane, Known To Provide Significantly More Cycles Of Repeated Stretching. Provides Optimum Tension For Load Security. [Sold In Sets Of 2]
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